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General Dentist - Dr. Dustin Wilson D.D.S.

Okotoks Family Dentist

Okotoks Family Dentist
If you live in the Okotoks area and have been looking for a family dentist who can provide the kind of services that your family needs at affordable prices, we invite you to take a look at Cornerstone Dental in Okotoks.
Cornerstone Dental welcomes all new patients that want to visit their practice- and no referral is ever required. Cornerstone Dental is conveniently located right in the Cornerstone mall in Cimarron, right next door to Quizno’s and directly across from Mark’s Work Warehouse, making it centrally located for many clients.
Dr. Dustin Wilson is an Okotoks Family Dentist. He and his dental team are pleased to be able to offer their patients and their families all the services of a general dental practice, including:
- Dental Implants, which can provide an ideal solution for the replacement of missing teeth. Whether you are missing a single tooth, a small number of teeth, or all of your teeth, replacing your teeth with the help of dental implants may be the right fit for you and your lifestyle.
- Oral Surgery, with only the most modern techniques to maximize your oral surgery success.
- Invisalign Invisible Braces, the virtually invisible way to straighten teeth without the need for conventional wire braces.
- Sedation Dentistry for those with Dental phobia or fear of the dental chair. Sedation Dentistry works by helping you manage your anxiety and allowing you to get the dental care you need.
- Restorative (Cosmetic) Dentistry, which ranges from repairing a malformed bite, misshaped teeth or crooked/discolored teeth to treating injuries or simply improving your smile. Restorative Dentistry is aimed at creating a positive change to you and your teeth.
- Wisdom Teeth Removal for those teeth that are growing in diagonally or horizontally, causing problems for their owners. Uneven growing can cause a miriad of problems including crowding, damage to adjacent molars and impacting the jawbone.
- Emergency Dental Services for patients who are experiencing a dental emergency. If you’re not sure the pain you are experiencing is a dental emergency, Cornerstone Dental offers this advice- if it hurts, it requires emergency dentistry.
At Cornerstone Dental, they combine their passion for dentistry in a warm and welcoming environment with state of the art dental techniques and equipment. It is their goal to keep each visit as relaxing and painless as possible. As a Okotoks Family Dentist, they believe that clear and effective communication is important. It is their desire to educate you as to what your treatment options are, and to explain why they have recommended a specific treatment for you.
If you’d like to make an appointment with the most trusted Okotoks Family Dentist in the area, call 403-995-1800. You’ll be glad you called Cornerstone Dental, because you’ll feel like you belong. Cornerstone Dental is pleased to offer their patients the option of direct billing your insurance, and will work with you to ensure that you get the most from your benefits.
Cornerstone Dental encourages you to book a new patient consultation with their Okotoks Family Dentist so that they can explore with you how to maximize your dental and oral health.
Cornerstone Dental
(403) 995-1800
#307 Cornerstone Shopping Centre 201 Southridge Drive Okotoks, Alberta, T1S 2E1

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